Re: Back to Hebrew, was OT:darn'd fools

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 13:36:10 EDT

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    On 29/07/2003 09:21, Michael Everson wrote:

    > At 08:47 -0700 2003-07-29, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >> Another example might be German (U+00DF). Many people don't use it,
    >> indeed I think it has been officially abolished, but many others do
    >> use it.
    > Peter, there isn't a shred of truth in what you are saying.

    See This confirms
    that Swiss Germans, surely "Many people", don't use it, but /Frankfurter
    Allgemeine Zeitung /and implicitly "most citizens of the German-speaking
    countries" do still use it. The only shred of untruth is that what I
    said I think is true is in fact an exaggeration, the abolition is only

    Peter Kirk

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