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Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 16:59:16 EDT

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    At 15:41 -0500 2003-07-29, wrote:
    >Jony Rosenne wrote on 07/29/2003 03:21:08 PM:
    >> The only thing established is that this artifact has been used in
    >> several manuscripts, one of many similar artifacts, to aid the
    >> understanding of the text. And the correct vehicle to convey such
    >> artifacts is markup.
    >You say this as if it's objective truth. Now, if I see Latin-script text
    >with a diacritic comma above in some places but also a comma above and a
    >little to the right, the correct vehicle to convey these "artifacts" is the
    >pair of distinct characters, U+0313 COMBINING COMMA ABOVE and U+0315
    >COMBINING COMMA ABOVE RIGHT. Apparently, in the case of Latin, it was not
    >considered an objective truth that the correct vehicle is markup.

    If it comes to having an above-Hebrew-thingy and a
    next-to-Hebrew-thingy or having it be done by markup, I certainly
    would prefer the character-based solution.

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