RE: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew

Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 16:34:54 EDT

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    John Hudson wrote on 07/29/2003 12:36:01 PM:

    > Perhaps you would like to expand on this? What kind of markup? How would
    > interract with fonts and rendering engines?

    It seems to me it would not, unless application software were explicitly
    written to support the markup conventions and use some appropriate
    interface into the font/rendering engine. To keep things simple, that
    interface could be in the form of font features. Alternately, it could
    perhaps be done in terms of specific orderings of marks during rendering.
    Either way, the application software would have to be aware of whichever
    interface was established as the norm.

    And that raises a big issue: can we get universal agreement on the app -
    font/rendering interface, or are we going to see different vendors
    supporting proprietary solutions?

    And what about interchange? I believe from a previous post that when Jony
    says "markup" he means either markup or rich text -- i.e. plain text plus
    *something* else. Can we get universal agreement on what that something
    else is?

    Not to mention the most obvious concern: all this only works in apps that
    have been explicitly written to support Biblical Hebrew. That's really
    going to make users happy.

    - Peter

    Peter Constable

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