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From: Jim Allan (
Date: Tue Jul 29 2003 - 18:24:18 EDT

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    Bertand Laidain posted:

    > No it's not ! What is considered acceptable is dropping the diacritics
    > when the capital letter is an INITIAL letter, (It's a debate also), but
    > for sure when you write in ALL capitals it's definitely not !

    Fair enough for newspapers headlines and all-caps headers in text,
    especially when a diacritic is needed to prevent ambiguity.

    Not when producing about name/address blocks in mailings in Canada.

    A shocking number of corporate data-bases in Canada, certainly the
    majority, continue to maintain customer/subscriber/policy
    holder/cardholder data only in uppercase and without diacritics.

    The policy I described is what is done because complaints *are* received
    if names that should have diacritics on them are title-cased while
    complaints are *not* received when they are left as uppercase.

    This also applies to names inserted into text in letters.

    Check with any large mailing house in Canada on the normal policy of
    title-casing mailings to English speakers but retaining as uppercase
    those to French speakers (unless diacritics are coded in the data).

    Presuming you know some French speakers in Canada whose names should be
    spelled with diacritics, ask if you can check the labels and
    name/address blocks on some non-personal mail they receive.

    Jim Allan

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