Re: More on Meteg and CGJ

Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 09:34:06 EDT

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    Sorry, I was a bit confused.
    But actually I need to see both the "before and after" canonical ordering
    so I know both how to write the font and handle the conversion, Thanks for
    the help.


    > >shin < hataf < dagesh < regular meteg < shindot <
    > >-where do I put the ZWNJ or the CGJ to get a left meteg on hataf?

    How about:

       shin < regular meteg < CGJ < hataf < dagesh < shindot

    The CGJ prevents the reordering of the meteg around the hataf and
    dagesh, and the sequence <meteg, CGJ, hataf> gives the font
    a separate sequence to ligate, distinguishing it from
    <hataf, dagesh, meteg> above.

    Remember the whole rationale for introducing CGJ's in the first
    place is to make it possible to distinguish sequences, so they
    don't both end up the same when canonically reordered. It isn't
    necessary to attack the problem by taking the canonically
    reordered final sequence and then looking for a place to insert
    CGJ in *that* already reordered string.


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