Re: Yerushala(y)im - or Biblical Hebrew: meteg

Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 10:27:45 EDT

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    Joan, I am a little confused by your response which seems to be out of
    order. It seems that I wrote:

    >Meteg to the right does not actually need an extra character, because if
    >CGJ is used to override canonical equivalence and reordering of vowel
    >sequences, the mechanism is already in place to use it in exactly the
    >same way for sequences of vowels and meteg.

    and you replied

    >Peter, I don't think CGJ alone will work, since Meteg in the canonical
    >order must always come after the vowel.
    >If the currently defined meteg is the one on the left of all vowels except
    >hatafs,and central to hatafs, then vowel-CGJ-hataf could be left of the
    >hatafs, leaving us with a need for a right meteg to be defined.
    >Or am I misunderstanding?

    I was confused also. I think we can get along without asking for a right
    meteg, if the following 3 orders can be used:

    Store Order >Suggested Rendering

    meteg-any vowel > regular left meteg or central meteg on hatafs (common)
    meteg-CGJ-vowel > right meteg on all vowels (common)
    vowel-CGJ-meteg > left meteg on hatafs (rare)

    If any of these are invalidated though, we don't have a solution. There are
    3 placements for meteg and we need 3 means to encode it. I just hadn't
    recognized the last one as a possibility.


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