RE: From [b-hebrew] Variant forms of vav with holem

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 12:39:07 EDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > The two forms of vav with holam are also distinguished in the alpha
    > release of "The Unicode Leningrad Codex", available from
    > The vowel form,
    > Ted's holam male, is encoded as holam followed by vav, and
    > the consonant
    > vav with holam is encoded simply as that. See for example the
    > distinction in the following copied from Genesis 4:13, where the two
    > forms are adjacent and clearly distinct in the printed BHS:

    Note that combining characters alvays apply to the base character
    *preceeding* it. Your example, divided into combining sequences:

    05D2 05BC 05B8, 05D3 05B9 05A5, 05D5, 05DC, 0020,
    05E2 05B2, 05D5 05B9, 05E0 05B4 0596, 05D9

    gimel dagesh qamats, dalet holam merkha, vav, lamed, space
    ayin hataf-patah, vav holam, nun hiriq tipeha, yod

    In that example there is a vav-holam, and before that there is a dalet-holam.

                    /kent k

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