Re: Back to Hebrew -holem-waw vs waw-holem

From: John Cowan (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 18:22:19 EDT

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    > > These different uses for the same (or approximately same) glyphs
    > Well, are the glyphs the same, or only approximately the same?

    They are similar enough that they *can* be represented by the same glyph,
    but that is not best practice. Best practice is to use right-holam when the
    letter it is sitting on is a mater lectionis, left (normal) holam when it is
    a consonant -- which cannot readily be determined on the fly.

    > > Other typographic curiosities: The HEBREW POINT QAMATS [05B8] is used for
    > > two Hebrew vowels...
    > > The same comment goes for HEBREW POINT SHEVA...
    > Same response.

    I agree that neither of these is relevant to Unicode, any more than the
    polyphonemic nature of English vowel letters.

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