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Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 17:20:43 EDT

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    Ted Hopp wrote on 07/29/2003 01:20:08 PM:

    > The two vowels kholam male and shuruq have nothing to do with the
    > vav (HEBREW LETTER VAV) other than that they are written with the same
    > glyph.

    If they are written with the same glyph, then they are written with the
    same character. Unicode encodes characters, not phonemes. There is probably
    some language for which "x" is used to represent a vowel, or perhaps a
    tone, but we don't need to encode two (or three) "x" characters. Sorry, but
    I think the reasoning here is wrong.

    > Hebrew characters are used for
    > much more than spelling Hebrew words.

    And, apparently, for more than one phoneme; but we still encode the
    characters but once.

    > These different uses for the same (or approximately same) glyphs

    Well, are the glyphs the same, or only approximately the same?

    > Other typographic curiosities: The HEBREW POINT QAMATS [05B8] is used for
    > two Hebrew vowels...

    > The same comment goes for HEBREW POINT SHEVA...

    Same response.

    - Peter

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