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From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Wed Jul 30 2003 - 17:48:49 EDT

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    >Ted Hopp wrote on 07/29/2003 01:20:08 PM:
    >>These different uses for the same (or approximately same) glyphs
    >Well, are the glyphs the same, or only approximately the same?
    This is the moot point.

    For qamats and sheva, the glyphs are usually and traditionally the same,
    but occasionally they are written differently. It's rather as if
    someone decided in English to start writing consonant and vowel y
    differently, Or as must have happened when people first started to
    distinguish i and j, or u and v.

    For the two positions of holam on vav, the glyphs have been written
    differently in MSS and by careful typographers for a thousand years, but
    some typographers and computer equipment make the glyphs identical,
    probably originally as a shortcut.

    Peter Kirk

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