RE: From [b-hebrew] Variant forms of vav with holem

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 06:55:39 EDT

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    Peter Kirk wrote:

    > This gets us
    > back into the complex algorithm I looked at before, which can
    > almost but
    > not quite disambiguate these cases but may need more processing power
    > than can be put into a font. Then there is Ted's point that
    > we shouldn't
    > assume that all words which anyone tries to render are
    > regularly spelled
    > Hebrew, some might be in other languages or have deliberate
    > irregularities. I guess it is for reasons like that that we have
    > separate final letter forms in Hebrew script, and in Arabic script
    > mechanisms like ZWJ to force exceptions to the shaping rules. Well,
    > let's not get into using ZWJ etc and instead define the additional
    > characters which we need.

    No, I think ZWJ may be exactly the way to go here.

    <consonant, holam, (accent), ZWJ, alef/vav> for making a 'ligature'
    (of sorts, in a technical sence) where the holam is displayed on the
    alef or vav. Without the ZWJ, the holam would be displayed on the
    <consonant> to which it logically belongs. (alef and vav are base
    characters, so the ZWJ is not breaking any combining sequence here.)

                    /kent k

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