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From: John Hudson (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 15:00:55 EDT

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    At 01:32 PM 7/30/2003, Michael Everson wrote:

    >A picture speaks a thousand words.

    Here is a picture. These are the last three words of Genesis 3:14, as
    rendered by v1.04 (unreleased) of the SBL Hebrew font. In the first word,
    the holam is encoded before the vav, and so is positioned on the right side
    (actually, a ligature glyph is substituted in this case, although most of
    the other marks you see are dynamically positioned); a series of contextual
    rules prevent the holam from being applied to the dalet in this case. In
    the second word, the holam is encoded after the vav, and so is positioned
    on the left.

    I'm going to release a beta version of this generation of the SBL Hebrew
    font shortly, because we need to test the contextual lookups against every
    instance in which this display of holam_vav is desired.

    Note that I'm fully anticipating that some of the solutions we've provided
    in the SBL Hebrew font will be changed and the font and documents updated.
    We're resigned to this. It is my hope that the SBL Hebrew font will
    contribute to the discussion and search for better and standard solutions,
    as it seems to be. There's nothing like an imminent release of software to
    get people talking.

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