Re: Hebrew Vav Holam

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 16:47:58 EDT

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    On 31/07/2003 13:02, John Hudson wrote:

    > I agree. A potential 'right holam' mark should not be used for the
    > weak alef or for shin. There are already perfectly good mechanisms for
    > handling the repositioning of holam relative to the consonant
    > preceding these and, as Ted notes, the precise positioning relative to
    > the two consonants is discretionary but the holam is definitely
    > understood to belong to the first consonant, not the following alef or
    > shin.
    > This is a different case from the vav, although until now we've been
    > trying to tackle the latter in the same way.

    John, what actually is the difference, in the algorithm for example? The
    only difference I can see is that for vav, but not for alef, the two
    positions of holam are not always distinguished. The perfectly good
    mechanism for alef should work just as well for vav.

    Peter Kirk

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