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From: John Cowan (
Date: Thu Jul 31 2003 - 17:06:18 EDT

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    Ted Hopp scripsit:

    > 1. It corresponds to standard Hebrew grammar.
    > 2. It would be simple and easy to explain to users, edit, handle in
    > keyboards, etc.

    It would be no problem to have a "holam male" key that generated two
    consecutive Unicode characters.

    > 3. A combining mark for holam male would be applicable to a vav and only to
    > a vav. It seems needlessly complicated and arcane to create a combining mark
    > for the sole purpose of creating exactly one sequence that uses it.

    How would one encode an isolated aleph with a right holam over it, when
    explaining fine Hebrew typographical rules? The current context-dependent
    mechanisms are suitable for ordinary use of aleph with right holam,
    but not for cases like this, as far as I understand.

    > 4. A combining mark sequence would invite the creation of a new presentation
    > form (or else changing the decomposition of FB4B).

    Neither of those things is going to happen. The UTC will not encode
    any new presentation forms, any new decomposable characters, or change
    any decompositions. Death before dishonor. :-)

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