Display and Store Problem!

From: rajesh@inflibnet.ac.in
Date: Tue Aug 05 2003 - 06:09:25 EDT

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    Dear professionals,

    kindly help me.

    My application is developed by using the JDK1.4 (Swing) on windows 2000 platform with Arial Unicode MS font. RDBMS used for data stores is MS SQL 2000.

    My problem is when I insert data in hindi language through the application into RDBMS, it stores in some different characters, but when I retrieve data by puting any query, it retrieves on screen of the application appropriately. But, when I insert data in RDBMS directly (without using application) it stores in appropriate format, but when the same data wants to display by retrieving through the application, it displays in different characters.

    Can anyone clarify me the problem?

    Thanking you.

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