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Date: Wed Aug 06 2003 - 19:13:02 EDT

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    At 15:18 -0700 2003-08-06, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    > > As someone or other said, "I believe that hitherto -- *hitherto,* mark
    >> you -- [we have] entirely overlooked the existence of", well, scripts
    >> that might cause a conflict between these esteemed principles.
    >The reason why the UTC should tackle the encoding of Tengwar is not
    >so much because it would help in the publication of Elvish poetry,
    >but because confronting the architectural issues it poses for
    >encoding would make an excellent tutorial case for how the two
    >principles of combining mark order and
    >logical order impact the task of coming up with an appropriate
    >encoding for a complex script. And it would starkly illustrate the
    >fact that an appropriate character encoding does not necessarily
    >directly reflect the phonological structure of a language as
    >represented by that script.

    Some rather old discussion papers on this topic may be found at and

    It *is* a problem.

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