RE: Conflicting principles

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 12:32:47 EDT

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    > > Anyway, John J, what code are we talking about that has to
    > work from
    > > the positions of the combining marks back to the underlying
    > > representation? Are you talking about OCR?
    > >
    > No, the issue is more how to start from a base form and work
    > forward to
    > encompass the whole series of characters which need to be treated "as
    > one" in certain processes, which can include cursor movement, hit
    > testing, display, line breaking, collation, normalization.

    Collation isn't really based on combining sequences (even though UTS 10
    specifies a certain "spanning" over non-blocking (combining)
    Note in particular the following entry in the CTT (and with different
    syntax in the UTS 10 tables):
    <U0E4D_0E32> <S0E33>;<BASE>;<MIN>;<U0E33> % THAI CHARACTER SARA AM
    (and a similar one for Lao). This is a collation entry for a
    "contraction" of a combining mark followed(!) by (formally) a
    base character. (I'm not really sure what the true logical sequence
    would be, though.)

            /kent k

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