RE: Conflicting principles

Date: Thu Aug 07 2003 - 14:05:26 EDT

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              Elaine Keown
              Madison WI

    > > how to start from a base form and work forward to
    > > encompass the whole series of characters which need to be treated "as
    > > one" in certain processes, which can include cursor movement, hit
    > > testing, display, line breaking, collation, normalization.

    > Collation isn't really based on combining sequences (even though UTS 10
    > specifies a certain "spanning" over non-blocking (combining)

    This is a very ignorant question: where in your public documentation
    are these issues discussed? I own the 3.0 book, but I don't even understand
    some parts of it, in the early chapters.

    I still don't understand even what happens with basic collation in Hebrew, what
    effect the shin / sin dots have. And, of course, I don't understand any of the
    more complicated issues either, such as what will happen when your database
    sorts un-pointed Hebrew epigraphy (just the consonants) and pointed medieval
    Hebrew (all the jots and tittles added).

    What you have, by the way is about 45% of the possible Hebrew character set.
    The characters that are NOT in there yet all will affect collation and these
    other problems that I only know the names of.--Elaine

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