Newbie Question - what are all those duplicated characters FOR?

Date: Fri Aug 08 2003 - 12:46:47 EDT

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    I'm reasonably sure that this question reflects my own ignorance, rather
    than some problem with the standard, but nonetheless, I am confused.

    For a start, we have the letters A to Z starting at 000041.
    Then we have the circled forms starting at 0024B6.
    Then we have the fullwidth forms starting at 00FF21.
    Now we have mathematical bold forms starting at 01D400,
    mathematical italic forms starting at 1D434,
    mathematical bold italic forms starting at 1D468
    mathematical script forms starting at 1D49C,
    mathematical bold script forms starting at 1D4D0,
    mathematical fraktur forms starting at 1D504,
    mathematical double-struck forms starting at 1D538,
    ...I could go on, but you get the idea.

    Oh yes, and tag forms starting at 0E0041. I have _no_ idea what these are

    Aren't these differences that could be better managed by, say, clicking on
    the BOLD button in a GUI environment. What I mean is, aren't these just font
    and style differences? Same goes for superscript and subscript, but I see
    those all over the place. Why do we need all these duplicates?

    And that's not to mention my confusion between tilde operator (00223C) and
    tilde (00007E), and similar. Are we expecting future C programmers, for
    example, to use tilde operator instead of tilde to mean ones-complement?

    Forgive me if this question is dumb, but it's kinda hard to see the point of
    all that duplication.


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