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Date: Sat Aug 09 2003 - 06:43:10 EDT

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    At 09:00 +0100 2003-08-09, Raymond Mercier wrote:
    >There are omissions in Michael Everson's chart in
    >The chart was based on Semitic languages, although purporting to be
    >about scripts.

    No, it wasn't.

    >There are less obvious omissions:
    >1. Kharoshthi, a RtoL script much used in North West India, and
    >regarded by everyone as a derivative from a form of the Aramaic
    >script used in that region. It is found on coins, Ashokan edicts,
    >various inscriptions and manuscripts. It was used to write mainly
    >prakrits, although some sanskrit text is known. See, for example,
    >A.H. Dani, Indian Palaeography, Oxford 1963.

    We are well aware of Kharoshti, which was roadmapped without any difficulty.

    >2. Pahlavi, widely used to write Middle Persian. This involved a
    >troublesome mixture of Persian reading of Aramaic words, a subject
    >requiring more elaboration than is needed here.

    We are well aware of Avestan and Pahlavi, which were roadmapped
    without any difficulty.

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