RE: Newbie Question - what are all those duplicated characters FO R?

Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 03:45:17 EDT

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    Ah, now you're making assumptions about me which are not, in fact, valid.
    I'm not quite sure exactly what you mean by "the text", but I own a copy of
    "The Unicode Standard Version 3.0" and have read it pretty much in entirety.
    I have also read almost everything I could find on the web site.
    In none of these sources have I found an answer to this question. It was for
    this very reason that I joined this forum, thinking "Aha! Maybe someone
    THERE might know the answer".

    So, Michael, perhaps you might be so kind as to give the URL of "the text"
    to which you refer (or even the page number in the 3.0 book). If I find such
    a text, I will most certainly read it.

    Stefan has effectively dealt with SOME of my confusion, but questions
    remain. For example: between 1D49C (mathematical script capital A) and
    1D49E(mathematical script capital C) we find 1D49D (<reserved>). What is it
    reserved for? I am aware that codepoint 212C is script capital B, but why
    does that justify leaving a "hole" in the codepoint space? Why not just omit
    "mathematical script capital B" without leaving a hole? (i.e. why not just
    go straight from A to C?).

    More questions. From E0020 to E007E we have "tag space" through to "tag
    tilde". These are copies of the Basic Latin block at 0020. I still don't
    know what they are for. I am, however, VERY keen to learn, and so would
    really appreciate it if someone could tell me, or indeed point me in the
    direction of "the text" which explains it.

    Thanking you in advance for your help,

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    >I'm reasonably sure that this question reflects my own ignorance, rather
    >than some problem with the standard, but nonetheless, I am confused.

    Read the text. Don't just read the code charts.

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