Re: Questions on ZWNBS - for line initial holam plus alef

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Mon Aug 11 2003 - 19:41:38 EDT

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    On 11/08/2003 16:06, Mark Davis wrote:

    >Some of this seems to be in reference to an earlier contention that
    >Text Boundaries (inc. Lines) break between the space and the
    >non-spacing mark. I think this was attributed to Phillipe.
    >[This may not be true: I don't actually read his email, because the
    >information content per line falls below my email threshold; not to
    >say that there may not be information there, but I cannot afford to
    >take the time to find out -- sadly, one of my character flaws.]
    >All of the text boundaries preserve grapheme cluster boundaries, which
    >never separate a base character (including space and NBSP) from a
    >following NSM. In addition, each of the boundary types above grapheme
    >clusters make some statement about the behavior of the grapheme
    >cluster. For example, with line boundaries a SPACE + NSM has a special
    >behavior. With the others, the behavior is the same as the base
    >As Ken points out, in any event these are default boundaries, and can
    >be tailored. That being said, if the normal behavior of the default
    >can be improvied, and someone has a concrete proposal for doing so,
    >then it can be considered.
    >► “Eppur si muove” ◄
    I was aware that there should not be a line break or word break between
    the space and the NSM, although I suspect that many implementers will
    not be aware of this, or at least will not test for it properly and so
    treat any space as a word break and a line break opportunity. As I just
    wrote, this requirement to test all spaces for following NSMs is a
    significant inefficiency built into the standard.

    But there is still a problem if there is considered by default to be a
    word break and a line break opportunity AFTER the NSM. I would suggest,
    as a candidate for a concrete proposal, that the default behaviour be
    adjusted so that there is no word break or line break opportunity here

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