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Date: Tue Aug 12 2003 - 14:56:19 EDT

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                 Elaine Keown
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    Responding again to the deep interest in Aramaic expressed
    on the list, I am writing with a suggested preliminary
    "Alternative" or possibly "Countercultural" version of the
    Roadmap and a New, Improved Acronym for EUSAS (Egyptian,
    Akkadian, Ugaritic, Semitic Alphabetic and Syllabic)...

    And, slightly OT, I imagine you all are also waiting
    breathlessly for the new Mel Gibson movie which is, of course,
    going to be in ARAMAIC with NO subtitles, not even Unicode-
    conformant ones. If Aramaic is trendy in LA, when will it
    hit Mountain View?

    Here is the beginning of an "Alternative Roadmap."

    _Suggested Afroasiatic Roadmap Blocks_
    Egyptian Hieroglyphics---the Aramaic glyphs for Aramaic
       in hieroglyphics (from Wadi El-Hol) are included
    Egyptian hieratic---the Aramaic ones (see wadi, above)
       are included
    Egyptian demotic--Aramaic demots are included
    The Cuneiform Block --- the one Aramaic cuneiform is included
      (and also the Arabic in cuneiform)

    Instead of describing the not-yet-encoded Middle Eastern/
    N and East African scripts as EUASAS, I suggest
    CEUSAS ---Cuneiform, Egyptian, Ugaritic, Semitic Alphabetic and
    Syllabic. Under cuneiform go Sumerian, Akkadian (old Babylonian
    and Assyrian), Hittite, Elamite and whatever.....

    Cuneiform had a long shelf life--3,400 B.C. to about 125 A.D.


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