Re: ZWJ/ZWNJ - Are they legal to use with combining marks?

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 11:06:53 EDT

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    On 15/08/2003 07:57, Paul Nelson (TYPOGRAPHY) wrote:

    >>This brings us back to the earlier quesion of whether it is
    >>legitimate to use ZWJ or ZWNJ between combining marks
    >It sure better be. This is done in Khmer for controlling register shift
    >combinations for exception words. I have seen nothing in Unicode that
    >states that the ZWJ/ZWNJ can only be used with base type characters.
    Well, I understood that ZWJ/ZWNJ followed by a combining mark gives a
    defective combining sequence, which is not illegal but whose rendering
    is undefined - and which Uniscribe tends to render with a dotted circle.
    Is that correct? But then I was advised that it was permissible to use
    such a sequence for word initial holam male, as long as the font knows
    to expect it.

    I'm copying this to the main Unicode list as its relevance is wider than

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