RE: ZWJ/ZWNJ - Are they legal to use with combining marks?

From: John Hudson (
Date: Fri Aug 15 2003 - 14:48:51 EDT

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    At 08:08 AM 8/15/2003, Paul Nelson \(TYPOGRAPHY\) wrote:

    > >I understood that ZWJ/ZWNJ followed by a combining mark gives a
    > >combining sequence, which is not illegal but whose rendering is
    > >- and which Uniscribe tends to render with a dotted circle.

    >This is not a correct understanding. Uniscribe does not insert dotted
    >circles based on the presence of ZWJ/ZWNJ.

    Indeed. However, perhaps you can explain why

             alef hatafsegol ZWNJ meteg


             alef hatafsegol dotted-circle meteg

    in Word 2002. Is this simply a Word bug/feature? The same sequence renders
    correctly in Wordpad and Notepad, so I know that Uniscribe is not to blame.
    I'd really like to understand why this happens.

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