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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 07:06:01 EDT

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    Personally, I don't see why we have to sell beer (or anything else for that
    matter) in integer multiples of any kind of "units" at all. Why can't we
    just bring an arbitrarily sized, partially full, glass to the bar and say to
    the guy at the bar: "Could you fill it up to about HERE please?".

    It's a good system. It works for petrol pumps. Nobody in England even
    NOTICED when petrol pumps went metric, because it made bugger all difference
    to the reality of how things worked.

    What exactly is wrong with the notion of filling a British pint glass with
    beer and charging it to the till as zero point something litres?


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    On 17/08/2003 19:48, Doug Ewell wrote:

    >Michael Everson <everson at evertype dot com> wrote:
    >>>Yup. Hence also the Brit's complaint about the metric system: a
    >>>liter of beer is too much, half a liter isn't enough, but a pint, ah,
    >>>that's just right. The Imperial pint is .57 liters, whereas the
    >>>Flintstone one is only .47 liters.
    >>A half-litre can of Guinness fits perfectly into the standard Irish
    >>pint glass. I mean perfectly. I just poured one. :-)
    >Shouldn't a "pint" of beer be administratively fixed at 500 mL, just as
    >a "fifth" of liquor in America is now officially 750 mL? Seems like a
    >good task for an ISO working group.
    >-Doug Ewell
    > Fullerton, California
    On the contrary! Let's administratively fix a half litre of beer as one
    Imperial pint, and we can satisfy the guys in Brussels that we have gone
    metric. They are unlikely to complain if they get a bit extra!

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