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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 07:46:51 EDT

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    >Personally, I don't see why we have to sell beer (or anything else for that
    >matter) in integer multiples of any kind of "units" at all. Why can't we
    >just bring an arbitrarily sized, partially full, glass to the bar and say to
    >the guy at the bar: "Could you fill it up to about HERE please?".
    >It's a good system. It works for petrol pumps. Nobody in England even
    >NOTICED when petrol pumps went metric, because it made bugger all difference
    >to the reality of how things worked.
    >What exactly is wrong with the notion of filling a British pint glass with
    >beer and charging it to the till as zero point something litres?
    Well, this would require fitting electronic meters (not metres! - two
    quite different words in British English) to every beer tap. And I'm not
    sure how well this would work in a bar packed with drunks fighting to be
    served on a Saturday night...

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