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Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 15:12:38 EDT

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    On 18/08/2003 11:32, Jim Allan wrote:

    > Peter Kirk posted:
    >> It would be much simpler if each such character were clearly labelled in
    >> the code charts etc. DO NOT USE!, and with its glyph presented on a grey
    >> background or in some other way to indicate its special status.
    > I don't think people should be told so directly to NOT use an official
    > Unicode character unless the character is actually deprecated.

    OK, DO NOT USE! is too strong, but something like NOT RECOMMENDED! could
    be used instead.

    > Over the years recommendations about particular characters in the
    > standard have sometimes changed and no-one can see all possible uses
    > for characters or all ways that applications might use some of them.

    Well, such things need not be frozen from version to version. And a note
    could read NOT RECOMMENDED except in the case of...

    > But greying the chart area for deprecated characters and singleton
    > canonical decomposable characters seems to me a good idea.
    > As to compatibility characters, remember some of them, for example
    > spaces with varying widths, make essential differences in formatting.
    > The standard warns applications not to be hasty in unifyng
    > compatibility characters for presentation.

    Well, that's what was puzzling me about the recommendations not to use
    these characters. In my opinion, there needs to be a clear statement
    with each character definition (not somewhere in the text not linked to
    it) of its status in such respects. Is it for compatibility use only? Is
    it a presentation form not for use in general information interchange?
    Is it a formatting variant of another character, which should be used if
    that special formatting is to be indicated although the two might be
    collated together?

    For example, if I want a superscript 2 to indicate "squared" (which
    someone used on this list recently), am I supposed to use U+00B2, or
    should I avoid using it and instead use a higher level markup (which
    implies I need to use HTML e-mail)? Maybe the text tells me somewhere,
    but it certainly doesn't in the code chart.

    > If it is not deprecated a character should be usable.

    I thought even deprecated ones were supposed to be usable, in that a
    system should process them correctly.

    > But some more obivous graphic indication would be nice to more
    > obviously indicate that perhaps a user should think carefully about
    > using that particular encoded character.


    > Jim Allan

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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