Re: Clones (was RE: Hexadecimal)

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Mon Aug 18 2003 - 15:07:06 EDT

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    Someone suggested...

    > It would be much simpler if each such character were clearly labelled in
    > the code charts etc. DO NOT USE!, and with its glyph presented on a grey
    > background or in some other way to indicate its special status.

    Well, sure, I agree that it might be nice to somewhere document some of
    the discouraged and deprecatd characters in a way that people could find
    easily, putting gray boxes in the charts isn't the way.

    Perhaps we should also put in blinking bold neon letters the disclaimer
    that is posted at the top of every chart PDF file:

    > Disclaimer
    > These charts are provided as the on-line reference to the character
    > contents of the Unicode Standard, Version 4.0 but do not provide all
    > the information needed to fully support individual scripts using the
    > Unicode Standard. For a complete understanding of the use of the
    > characters contained in this excerpt file, please consult the
    > appropriate sections of The Unicode Standard, Version 4.0
    > (ISBN 0-321-18578-1), as well as Unicode Standard Annexes #9,
    > #11, #14, #15, #24 and #29, the other Unicode Technical Reports
    > and the Unicode Character Database, which are available on-line.

    Before using things in the standard, people really should check out what
    they are using! There are lοts of things that look really similar but have
    wildly different semantics and оne might n০t want t੦ use things
    indiscriminantly based s๐lely ᅌn what's in the charts...


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