RE: [Way OT] Beer measurements (was: Re: Handwritten EURO sign)

Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 07:20:37 EDT

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    In Esperanto, there is no word for "yard". If you want to say "It was 50
    yards away" you are expected to convert the distance to meters before
    translation. Such is the requirement of a global language.

    However, Esperanto was not entirely successful in its goal to become a
    second language for everyone, given that more people speak Klingon than
    Esperanto, so this is probably irrelevant to your statement (which was
    itself irrelevant to the subject title, which was off topic from the
    original title, which was in turn off topic for this forum). I think that
    made sense.


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    E.g., I never understood why on earth metres and yards should be kept
    different. In a public park somewhere in UK or Ireland I have seen the
    following sign:

            TOILETS ------->
          50 yds (45.72 m)

    It must be a reeeeeally urgent need if one cares about those 3.28 metres...

    _ Marco


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