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Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 16:00:43 EDT

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    > In Esperanto, there is no word for "yard".

    I paste from _Plena Ilustrita Vortaro_ (SAT: Paris, 1971 -- newer
    editions I cannot aford exist), page 450:

         <b>jard</b>/<b>o</b> <b>1</b> &ship_vignette; Transversa velstango,
         al kiu la supra rando de velo estas fiksita: <i>antau&breve;a</i>,
         <i>meza</i>, <i>posta &swung_dash;o</i>, <i>top&swung_dash;o</i>,
         <i>bram&swung_dash;o</i>, <i>reg&circumflex;&swung_dash;o</i>.
         &black_forward_pointing_hand; <i>bumo</i>, <i>busprito</i>,
         <i>gafo</i>. <b>2</b> Brita mezurunuo de longo (0, 917 m)
         &black_forward_pointing_hand; <i>metro</i>, <i>klafto</i>,
         <i>ars&circumflex;ino</i>. <b>al&swung_dash;igi.</b> Fiksi la velon
         al la &swung_dash;o, por ekuzado. &black_forward_pointing_hand;
         <i>refi</i>, <i>brajli</i>, <i>ferli</i>.

    As you can see, meaning #2 fits quite nicely the semantic field of the
    English word "yard" in its measure unit usage. (Note also #1 and check
    Esperanto word "_korto_" for other meanings of "yard".)

    (Beware: In my quote above many non-existing XML entities included.)

    > If you want to say "It was 50 yards away" you are expected to convert
    > the distance to meters before translation. Such is the requirement of
    > a global language.

    What a piece of rubbish. I suggest you dont mix your own private ideas
    about global language with the objective reality of esperanto speakers'
    word usage.

    > more people speak Klingon than Esperanto,

    Of course you have documentation to back this claim; I'd like you access
    it, please. (Quite frankly, I dont care too much weather this is so or
    not -- but I'm genuinely interested, as I am envolved in both subjects
    and this statement contradicts everything I ever experienced and come
    across with.) Off list, of course.

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