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Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 15:34:01 EDT

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    John Cowan recently said:

    > Marco Cimarosti scripsit:
    > > You could generalize it a bit: Alignment Of Metric And Imperial Units Whose
    > > Difference Is So Small As To Be Pointless.
    > >
    > > E.g., I never understood why on earth metres and yards should be kept
    > > different. In a public park somewhere in UK or Ireland I have seen the
    > > following sign:
    > Because the yard isn't just an isolated unit, like the pound in various
    > European countries. It's part of a coherent (if profoundly messy) system.
    > If we reduce the yard by 9%, the inch has to shrink too, and the last
    > thing we want is to try to fit a 1/4 inch bolt (6.35 mm) into a nut
    > whose inside diameter is only 5.81 mm. It's bad enough to have to have
    > two kinds of hardware already: having incompatible things both labeled
    > "1/4 inch" would be the facilis descensus Averno indeed.

    In the UK the inch is now defined as 25.4mm rather than a subdivision of a
    standard yard kept under lock and key. If you peruse electronics catalogues
    you will discover that many components have leads spaced at a pitch of
    2.54mm which seems a remarkable degree of accuracy. When I was younger they
    were a nice round 0.1".


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