Re: Last Resort Font

From: Owen Taylor (
Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 16:24:30 EDT

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    On Tue, 2003-08-19 at 15:45, Michael Everson wrote:
    > At 15:04 -0400 2003-08-19, James H. Cloos Jr. wrote:
    > > >>>>> "John" == John Jenkins <> writes:
    > >
    > >John> (Apple's LastResort font [contains every Unicode character],
    > >John> of course, but by virtually of rampant reuse of glyphs.)
    > >
    > >Does this Generate glyphs like the following ascii- & utf8-art?
    > No. It generates much much better glyphs than that. See

    Of course, "better" here really depends on what you want.
    Prettier? Yes. More useful for Joe User who gets Sinhala
    spam? Yes. More useful if you are trying to debug why, in
    a span of Arabic text, some characters aren't being located
    in a font? Not really.

    > >I find it interesting, if so, that Apple uses a font to acheive that
    > >rather than a bit of code in the rendering libs.
    > What Mac OS X does is when it encounters a Unicode character, it sees
    > if it's in the current font. If it's not, it starts looking through
    > all the other fonts until it finds one that is suitable. The Last
    > Resort Font has glyphs for all the characters, so it's the last one
    > looked at.

    If you have a Last Resort style font, Pango should pick it up
    as well (*). The hex boxes are only drawn when *no* font
    on the system contains the character.


    (*) With some caveats about fontconfig configuration that I'm
        not going to get into here.

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