Re: Breaking free from UNICODE

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Tue Aug 19 2003 - 18:39:46 EDT

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    On 19/08/2003 14:42, Kenneth Whistler wrote:

    >>A session on internet & African languages that was part of the WSIS prepcom
    >>in Bamako last year was critical of Unicode as it is. An individual on the
    >>newsgroup fr.comp.normes.unicode denounced Unicode as an American scheme.
    >The problem is, like much else, Unicode has gotten caught up in
    >the much larger political, social, and economic currents regarding
    >globalization. There are plenty of people who come into the discussion
    >with preconceived notions (many of which are at least partially
    >accurate) regarding the intent of American driven information
    >technology, and more generally, global corporations, to control the
    Might it help to point people to the list of members at By no means all US or
    international corporations, especially among the associates.

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