RE: [Way OT] Beer measurements (was: Re: Handwritten EURO sign)

From: Kent Karlsson (
Date: Wed Aug 20 2003 - 07:58:06 EDT

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    Mark Davis wrote:
    > awful. At least with inches, feet, and miles, the number of
    > feet per mile don't
    > vary depending on which mile one is talking about!

    A Danish mile is 7 km, a Swedish mile (a fairly popular
    distance measure here) is 10 km, and an English mile is
    a mere 1.6 km (approx.). So yes, the number of "feet" per
    mile does vary depending on which mile one is talking
    about (even when considering that the length of a "foot"
    originally depended on who's foot was used to measure). ;-)

            (Sorry for being OT)
            /kent k

    Originally the Swedish mile was marginally longer than 10 km,
    but via "nymil" (new mile) or "myriameter", the original term
    mile (mil) was adopted for the metric adapted distance.

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