Character codes for Egyptian transliteration

From: Paul James Cowie (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 05:59:13 EDT

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    Can anyone point me in the right direction for the codes for characters
    commonly employed in ancient Egyptian transliteration (NB: not the
    hieroglyphs themselves!) and based on Gardiner's Egyptian Grammar?

    I'm thinking especially of the following:

    the sign used for aleph (looks like a 3, but isn't, obviously)

    the sign used for yod (looks like a i with a right ring tick above it)

    the sign used interchangeably for q (looks like a k with a dot beneath

    Any help most gratefully received,


    Paul James Cowie

    London, UK and Sydney, Australia

    Area Supervisor, Tel Rehov Excavations, Israel
    Committee Member, Friends of the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology

    PhD Candidate, Department of Ancient History and Archaeology, Macquarie
    University, Sydney, Australia

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