Re: Character codes for Egyptian transliteration

From: Jim Allan (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 10:29:15 EDT

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    Paul James Cowrie posted:

    > the sign used for aleph (looks like a 3, but isn't, obviously)
    > the sign used for yod (looks like a i with a right ring tick above it)
    > the sign used interchangeably for q (looks like a k with a dot beneath
    > it)

    See for a
    discussion of Egyptian transliteration using Unicode though for the _i_
    with hook I think that the combination U+0069 + U+0357 (the last being a
    newly coded diacritic) is superior to the suggest U+0069 + U+0313.

    For the character that looks like _3_ I would suggest currently using
    _3_ as that is the traditional fallback used in transliterations when
    the proper character is not available.

    Jim Allan

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