Re: Character codes for Egyptian transliteration

From: Peter Kirk (
Date: Thu Aug 21 2003 - 12:33:27 EDT

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    On 21/08/2003 07:38, Paul James Cowie wrote:

    > Thanks, Michael and Peter....
    > For your feedback regarding Egyptian transliteration characters - I
    > did get the feeling after trawling the code charts that they just
    > weren't all there..... now you've confirmed the fact (well, at least
    > we do have the dotted k.... though I conventionally use "q" for that
    > myself anyway!)
    > To answer your question, Peter, I am using U+02BE for aleph when
    > encoding Semitic transliterations, likewise U+02BF for ayin (which is
    > also used in Egyptian transliteration). It would be great, though, to
    > have access to purpose-encoded characters for the conventional
    > Egyptian aleph (3) and yod (i with a half-ring) that don't rely on
    > combinations or workarounds. These characters are certainly the
    > accepted convention in most if not all Egyptological publications - a
    > burgeoning field!
    > So let's get that proposal for these two characters happening!!
    > Exactly how does one go about that? How long will it take for their
    > acceptance do you think? I'd love to be able to drop use of a
    > transliteration font in order to encode my transliterations
    > correctly.... I'm sure other Egyptologists would also appreciate it!
    Well, perhaps Michael can tell us what happened to the following
    (extract from

    > There is a proposal N2241
    > <> (from
    > 2000-08-27 by Michael Everson) to add the Egyptological aleph and ayin
    > to Unicode (both the small and capital letters), and this is currently
    > under discussion (p.c. with Michael Everson, May 17th 2001).

    The hyperlink to is dead, but
    the same proposal, presumably, is now at Such a
    proposal is the way to go. But I wonder if the "egyptologial ayin"
    proposed there is really different enough from U+02BD given that the
    sample glyphs are all from italic fonts.

    As for the requirement for distinct upper and lower case variants of
    ayin, I understood that there was a similar requirement in some minor
    Cyrillic languages, at least for apostrophe and double apostrophe.
    Earlier this year Peter Constable was gathering information for a
    possible proposal. But I never heard if it was proceeded with.

    Peter Kirk (personal) (work)

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