RE: Proposed Draft UTR #31 - Syntax Characters

Date: Fri Aug 22 2003 - 05:17:39 EDT

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    Damn. I guess you guys are all going to hate me for asking this, but ...
    what exactly is a mathematical space?


    PS. I'm going to pre-empt any puns on other interpretations of the phrase
    "mathematical space", such as phase space, N-dimensional space, Hilbert
    space and so on. Don't go there.

    PPS. I'm not sure if this is going to go off thread or not. Please feel free
    to change the subject if it is.

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    i'd say wide. narrow means not incorporating some characters that would
    naturally fit into 'white space'. if i was parsing some text i'd
    consider a non-breaking space white space and i'd expect my code to
    reflect that. why would you not want your code to treat a non-breaking
    space or mathematical space not as white space?

    205F ; Pattern_White_Space # MEDIUM MATHEMATICAL SPACE

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