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Date: Sun Aug 24 2003 - 23:59:05 EDT

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    Peter Kirk scripsit:

    > >I suggest that a small area, either in the PUA block or somewhere
    > >else, be defined as an RTL PUA.
    > >
    > Good idea! Or would it be adequate to suggest that RLM be inserted
    > before each PUA character? Would that make them right-to-left?

    No, it would not. RLM is basically an invisible character whose only
    property is RTL-ness; it can influence the direction of a nearby neutral,
    or set the base direction for a text that should be RTL but happens to
    begin with a strong LTR character, but it cannot change the directionality
    of an existing LTR character.

    However, the desired effect can be achieved by preceding each PUA
    character, or sequence thereof, with RLO (U+202E) and following the
    character or sequence with PDF (U+202C). All characters between
    RLO and PDF are treated as strong RTL characters.

    > Perhaps. The problem is that known mark-up languages have as far as I
    > know no mechanisms for handling requests for variant glyphs.

    For special purposes such as this, it is reasonable for Biblical scholars
    to use their own markup languages or extensions to existing ones.
    It would also be reasonable to contact the Style WG of the WWW Consortium
    to discuss the possibility of adding some or all of the desired features
    to the rendering languages CSS and XSL:FO.

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