Prophesising (was Proposed Draft...)

Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 10:46:21 EDT

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    Very true, but I was thinking more of things like uppercasing and
    lowercasing algorithms, regular expressions and the like. Font drawing is a
    bit out of my league ... not really my area of expertise.

    Anyway, prophesising the future is a somewhere between a fun game, an
    implementation exercise, and a thought experiment. It's precisely BECAUSE we
    can see where a particular direction might lead that we can choose to avoid
    going there.

    Thanks for pointing that out.


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    That seems very dangerous.

    Such behavior is why people are often very wary of upgrading.

    But it is dubious that a Unicode upgrade will modify all fonts on the
    system to add new characters in the proper style, modify any and all
    translation tables to use them, modify all tailored sorts, change
    spell-checkers to recognize new valid spellings, change translation
    tables to other character encodings, modify legacy data to fit with the
    new version of Unicode.

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