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From: John Hudson (
Date: Wed Aug 27 2003 - 14:20:46 EDT

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    At 05:37 AM 8/27/2003, Raymond Mercier wrote:

    >I know this is common in the TLG, but as you say, they assume it is just
    >omicron (an assumption repeated in a message just received from them).
    >But, I am trying to get across that that is wrong: it represents neither
    >papyri nor Byzantine MSS.


    >So is there not a good reason to treat this as a distinct character, to be
    >assigned to a Unicode codepoint ?

    Raymond, based on what you have said, I would agree. A variety of visual
    representations, clearly distinct from the omicron as formed in the same
    documents, suggests a separate character. Would you be able to write up a
    proposal to encode such a character, or at least an informational document
    including illustrations of different forms of the Greek zero, preferably in
    proximity to differently formed omicrons? Nothing is going to happen unless
    the UTC receive such a document, and you sound like the best person to
    prepare one.

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