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From: Peter_Constable@sil.org
Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 09:48:04 EDT

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    Michael Eversion wrote on 08/19/2003 03:14:47 PM:

    > Golly, I was able to distinguish Latin and Georgian and Cyrillic on a
    > Mac SE 30 in 1985. Or was it 1987.(Long before Worldscript I admit.)
    > And years before that there was the Osborne with its dot-matrix
    > miracles.

    IIRC, the Mac SE did not exist in 1985; I was using a relatively new Fat
    Mac in the summer of that year.

    BTW, the Osborne didn't particularly have dot-matrix miracles. That was
    the domain of printers like the Toshiba P321 and various Epson LQ models,
    and such printers could be connected to CP/M machines like the Osbornes
    and Kaypros, DOS machines like the IBM PC and Sharp PC 5000, and the Macs.
    But in 1985 I think the only dot matrix printers were the 9-pin variety,
    which weren't all that conducive to readable Latin with diacritics, let
    alone Chinese or Arabic typesetting. The P321 was one of the first 24-pin
    models, and I think it came out in 1987 or maybe late 1986.

    Peter Constable

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