Re: Character codes for Egyptian transliteration

Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 09:48:01 EDT

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    Peter Kirk on 08/21/2003 09:33:27 AM:

    > As for the requirement for distinct upper and lower case variants of
    > ayin, I understood that there was a similar requirement in some minor
    > Cyrillic languages, at least for apostrophe and double apostrophe.
    > Earlier this year Peter Constable was gathering information for a
    > possible proposal. But I never heard if it was proceeded with.

    I was given charts reporting these things being used for various
    languages, but don't think I ever got an explanation of what the purpose
    for them was, and I didn't get any confirmation of actual use let alone
    samples from actual publications. If you can provide samples, that would
    be great.

    Peter Constable

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