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Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 09:48:03 EDT

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    Michael Eversion wrote on 08/19/2003 02:52:55 PM:

    > >p. 63 (Syloti Nagri): both top and bottom read "SILOTI NAGRI".

    > I will look into all of that, and thank you for it; but note that of
    > those only Thaana can be expected to display, as none of the others
    > have been encoded. So none of those could EVER be displayed; they are
    > just extra glyphs in the current font.

    Syloti Nagri has been approved by UTC and assigned to A800..A82F, though
    this is yet to be ratified by WG2 (presumably will happen in October) and
    published in a new version of Unicode (will be 4.1) or an amendment to ISO
    10646 (I don't know what timetable is in place for publishing further

    Peter Constable

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