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Date: Tue Sep 02 2003 - 10:02:21 EDT

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    At 06:48 -0700 2003-09-02, wrote:
    >Michael Eversion wrote on 08/19/2003 02:52:55 PM:
    >> >p. 63 (Syloti Nagri): both top and bottom read "SILOTI NAGRI".
    > > I will look into all of that, and thank you for it; but note that of
    >> those only Thaana can be expected to display, as none of the others
    > > have been encoded. So none of those could EVER be displayed; they are
    >> just extra glyphs in the current font.
    >Syloti Nagri has been approved by UTC and assigned to A800..A82F, though
    >this is yet to be ratified by WG2 (presumably will happen in October) and
    >published in a new version of Unicode (will be 4.1) or an amendment to ISO
    >10646 (I don't know what timetable is in place for publishing further

    And it will be two years before the LR font has to be updated....

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