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Date: Wed Sep 03 2003 - 11:14:12 EDT

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    At 06:52 -0700 2003-09-03, Peter Kirk wrote:
    >>I don't know what these floor and ceiling things are. I don't
    >>recognize them as "half square brackets" and neither do the
    >>specialists. Are these supposed to be half square brackets? ...
    >Well, apparently so, from reading the Unicode 4.0 code charts. Maybe
    >we need to disunify in a later version, but that's what the standard
    >is for now.

    Don't worry. The scholars aren't using them anyway so there won't be
    any disunification cost.

    >... Why weren't they encoded as punctuation? Why don't they have
    >names that reflect that in any way?
    >There are plenty of other misnamed characters. :-(

    Ah, but one of my minions (laughs hysterically) has pointed out the
    following to me:

    >The CEILING brackets are (most commonly) used to denote the ceiling
    >function in math. The FLOOR brackets are similarly (most commonly)
    >used to denote the floor function in math.
    >Look at the bottom half of page 4 (the one numbered 4, not counting
    >the pages before 1...) of
    >This is conventional mathematical usage.
    >They are used predominantly in math expressions.

    Hence, these characters have perfectly correct names for their
    function. And they are completely different from the half-brackets.
    The floor and ceiling characters are the same height as a square
    bracket just without one of the feet.

    >The name police didn't know what they were? ;-)

    The Name Police don't know anything whatsoever about mathematics as
    ye well know. (Floor and ceiling function indeed. I suppose there is
    an attic and basement function, and a tornado-storm-cellar function?)

    >>Right square bracket has a general category of Ps.
    >>Right parenthesis has a general category of Ps
    >>Right ceiling has a general category of Sm
    >Looks like an inconsistency which can be resolved in two ways:
    >1) Add new punctuation characters and leave these ones as symbols;


    >2) Adjust the categories of these ones to Ps.


    >And what about bidi mirroring?

    These should function just like the square brackets.

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