Re: Unicode 4.0.1 Beta period extended

From: Rick McGowan (
Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 16:13:28 EDT

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    Rajkumar S wrote:

    > > The beta period closes on October 27, 2003. Since time is short,
    > > developers are asked to please focus quickly on the data file review
    > > if you have not yet done so.
    > I am a newbie wrt Unicode procedures. Does this mean that I can propose
    > some changes to Malayalam section of standards, or is this completely
    > different?
    > raj

    The beta period is for examining things that are proposed to be updated in
    4.0.1. It isn't "open season" for proposing any kinds of changes. We are
    specifically wanting feedback on the Unihan database, errata, and so forth,
    as discussed on the Beta pages.

    You can always propose changes, but whether or not the proposals can be
    adopted depends very much on what you want to change. Please see the
    Unicode policies page about encoding stability, and the Proposals page
    about making proposals:

    (You can't remove codepoints or move them around. You can request new
    characters, if they can't be expressed as combinations of characters that
    already exist. E.g., we don't add new conjuncts -- those are expressed by
    combinations of characters, as defined in the text of the standard.)

    Please see also:
    for details of the Malayalam encoding and the encoding model.


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