Re: Unicode 4.0.1 Beta period extended

From: Rajkumar S (
Date: Tue Sep 09 2003 - 16:40:39 EDT

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    Rick McGowan wrote:
    > The beta period is for examining things that are proposed to be updated in
    > 4.0.1. It isn't "open season" for proposing any kinds of changes.


    > You can always propose changes, but whether or not the proposals can be
    > adopted depends very much on what you want to change.

    Ok, All I want is some clarity in the way cillaks.aram are encoded.
    Specifically , Unicode std leaves 2 cases undefined.

    1. Cons + chandakala
    2. Cons + chandrkala + ZWJ

    Unicode also states that cillaks.aram "appear in syllable-final
    position" But I think it is wrong.

    I have put all these in a web page with examples at

    It will be nice if these ambiguities can be resolved in next release of


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