RE: Support for Japanese processing Extended Feature (JEF) in Unicode

From: Ben Monroe (
Date: Tue Sep 16 2003 - 13:06:43 EDT

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    Sourav wrote:

    > Does Unicode cover all the characters in Japanese processing
    > Extended Feature (JEF), developed by Fujitsu Ltd. ?
    > As I know, JEF covers JIS X 0208 and some Fujitsu specific
    > characters. I'm especially interested to know whether those
    > Fujitsu specific characters are covered in Unicode (and in
    > which version of Unicode) or not.

    Information from _CJKV: Information Processing_ by Ken Lunde, O'Reilly. JEF
    contains the 6,802 characters from JIS C 6226-1978, 4,039 JEF extended
    kanji, 1,010 JEF extended non-kanji, and 3,102 user-defined characters.

    Page 294 of the new TUS 4.0 lists JEF (Fujitsu) as one of the (U) sources
    referenced by the IRG.
    It is also listed on page 259 in the TUS 3.0 book. You should be able to
    read both online as well.

    It was mentioned a few years ago that Unicode at that time did not cover all
    of the JEF extended characters, but since then we've seen the addition of
    the Extensions A and B blocks. Neither of these apparently used the U
    sources, but there may be some overlap. Without systematic comparison of
    charts, though, I can not say anything definitive.

    Good luck,
    Ben Monroe

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